The Grand Opening of Torii and Cardboard

Welcome everyone. As you can imagine I am a torii hunter fan, and I love baseball cards. I have been in the hobby for about six monthes and have opened a few boxes over that time which I will review for my readers (If any) shortly.

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8 Responses to “The Grand Opening of Torii and Cardboard”

  1. Eric E Says:

    Cool header!!! Yeah, I am super happy Tori has the outfield for us Angel fans :) Let’s face it, 5 golden gloves and counting? Now that is what you call a legend right there.


  2. sendmeyourjunk Says:

    It’s months, not monthes. But im sure you know that :)

    Good luck with your blog! I’ll be strolling by and look forward to adding it to my favorites!

    • toriihunter Says:

      ok thanks for the support and look forward to future comments, everyone let the world know what you think about my spectrum review, thanks

  3. jswaykos Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I’ve always liked Tori Hunter, here’ why:

    Back in the late 90s and early 2000’s my brother and I were big into the “All Star Baseball” games for the N64. We’d always do drafts before starting our franchises, and Torii was always one of the last guys we’d pick – the computer would NEVER draft him! Not too far fetched as he was a relative unknown at the time.

    Anyway, at Twins-O’s game in Baltimore in the late 90s, as everyone was screaming “hey!! 34!!” (or whatever number Hunter wore) to try and get his autograph, I yelled “Mr Hunter!! Torii!!’… he gave a double take as if he was surprised someone knew who he was and came over and signed ONLY our ball!

    Very cool. I’ll be reading your site – best of luck!

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