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2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

September 11, 2009

Goodwin champions comes out on the 15th and it looks like it will be awesome enough for me to buy some for review, I am not putting it on hold till the price goes down, like topps chrome and allen and ginter, instead I am going to get it as soon as I have extra money, so expect that in the next two monthes. It looks pretty awesome, which is good, the only bad thing is that there is no torii hunter card of any sort in this product, it might be because torii is having a great year aside from injuries and he is charging more for autographs and jerseys, but upper deck isn’t paying because they don’t see him as a superstar player, even though he is. It comes with 1 autograph and 2 jerseys per box at about 60 cents a card which is a little expensive, but still affordable, wou also get 1 mini per pack an there are some strange case hits. The autograph checklist looks great and the design looks pretty good. There are lots of yankee base from this year and historic players.¬† Not much more to say, but it looks like a good product and I will be getting¬†a box, if I really like it I will get more, if not I will start working on a box of either 2007 Masterpieces or topps chrome. I will be reviewing the two boxes of 2008 masterpieces on 9/18/09, that is a week from today

2009 Sweet Spot

September 4, 2009

I am not sure what to think about 2009 sweet spot. It appears to be the same as last year with a slightly different design. I think the only reason it exists is so they could come out with the sweet spot brand again just so some people will buy it simply because it is new. If you liked last year’s sweet spot then I would definately get this as there are some nice chase cards and you get another 2 years to file your redemtions. I haven’t taken a close look but, this appears to be an updated version of last year, so I might grab a pack because I think you get one hit per pack, and it might be nice to add a nice auto or jersey to my collection from sweet spot of course depending on the price point. I have given my opinion, what do you guys think?

199 of these? Maybe this product won't be so bad, one of these would be a sweet pull, I wonder who else they have fairly large printing runs on

199 of these? Maybe this product won't be so bad, one of these would be a sweet pull, I wonder who else they have fairly large printing runs on


September 3, 2009

4 days ago I went to a Chone Figgins autograph signing. Guess how long I waited? 2 hours, but I cut to the front when there was 10 minutes left and I was only 1/2 way there. So it would have taken 4 hours to get an autograph!!!! I pulled up to the torii hunter autograph signing three days ago and I approximated that the line would have been about 5 and a half hours long! I am no expert on autograph signings and this one wasn’t even advertised on tv, but is it normal for lines to be so long? If you think so please vote yes, if no then please vote no and leave a comment, you can also leave a comment if you vote yes.

Mail Day

September 2, 2009

i just got this sweet torii hunter ud premier 5 jersey 18/25 from ebay. Everyone guess how much I got it for minus shipping to the nearest dollar. Only two guesses per person please. I will include a picture of it and the cards I got from spectrum.

hits from spectrum and torii hunter card from ebay

hits from spectrum and torii hunter card from ebay

The Good Guy

September 2, 2009

Hi guys, Mario at Wax Heaven is starting an amazing project that will be really helpful to growth of the hobby and the online community. Mario is a collector who only collects Jose Conseco and Andrew Miller, so he is very generous and gives away all the cards he isn’t interested in away to readers. He has been doing this for awhile and I will be recieving some cards from this program shortly which I will share with the readers. But, he has recently dicontinued the old program in favor of “sample packs”. This is where he puts some base cards as well as some inserts and a relic or autograph, so the blogger he sends the pack to will get a good general idea of the product without acually buying a whole box. Hopefully I can get in on the action and I will show you guys the results here on the site. Thanks for reading.

Boxes for Review

September 2, 2009

Hi guys, as I have mentioned earlier I have opened a few boxes of cards so far. I will review them in whichever order the readers want me to. Here are your choices.

1. 5 Blaster Boxes of 2009 UD First Edition
2. 2 Blaster Boxes of 2009 UD Artifacts
3. 3 Hobby Boxes of 2009 UD A Piece of History
4. 1 Hobby Box of 2009 UD Spectrum
5. 1 Hobby Box of 2008 UD Masterpieces
6. I have opened a few packs and small boxes of upper deck series 2 and topps series 2, I will compare the two.

Please vote in the comments, and if you haven’t already please visit or Wax Heaven as it is known to many.

The Grand Opening of Torii and Cardboard

September 2, 2009

Welcome everyone. As you can imagine I am a torii hunter fan, and I love baseball cards. I have been in the hobby for about six monthes and have opened a few boxes over that time which I will review for my readers (If any) shortly.