Boxes for Review

Hi guys, as I have mentioned earlier I have opened a few boxes of cards so far. I will review them in whichever order the readers want me to. Here are your choices.

1. 5 Blaster Boxes of 2009 UD First Edition
2. 2 Blaster Boxes of 2009 UD Artifacts
3. 3 Hobby Boxes of 2009 UD A Piece of History
4. 1 Hobby Box of 2009 UD Spectrum
5. 1 Hobby Box of 2008 UD Masterpieces
6. I have opened a few packs and small boxes of upper deck series 2 and topps series 2, I will compare the two.

Please vote in the comments, and if you haven’t already please visit or Wax Heaven as it is known to many.


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5 Responses to “Boxes for Review”

  1. lonestarr Says:

    Reviews are always welcome. I will vote on the order.

    1.) Spectrum- Hook people with the shiny first, lol.
    2.) First Edition
    3.) Artifacts and A Piece of History- They are pretty much retail/hobby variations of the same thing, so a comparison might be interesting, and if not, then
    4.) UD Series 2 & Topps Series 2
    5.) Masterpieces- Even though it’s older than the rest, it’s probably the best, so I vote for it to go on in the main event slot.

    There ya go. Welcome to the jungle. :)

  2. toriihunter Says:

    Thanks for commenting. Since you are the first commentor ever on my blog we will go with the order you mentioned. The spectrum review will be up in the next hour or two. Let me tell you that I don’t really know what to say yet… It will be an interesting review, you will understand what I mean when it gets posted.

  3. Eric E Says:

    Oh wow, I loved UD artifacts 08, maybe you can definetly do Artifacts 09? I just wanna see what the base looks like or perhaps your poinion :)

  4. Eric E Says:

    *definitely* Sorry for the misspelling :lol:

  5. sendmeyourjunk Says:


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