2009 Upper Deck Artifacts A Piece of History Review

What I am basically doing here is comparing the retail/hobby versions of the same product and giving recomendation and overall grades on both.

Deisgn: B-

The design isn’t good, but it isn’t as bad as last year, and if you try to understand and like this set you will kind of get into the theme and it will be enjoyable. The parallels look pretty lame and are just a different colored border with a serial number stamped on in the middle, kind of nice to collect but I would definately use them as trade bait, good thing about this product is the fun to collect base set, 200 cards is a little difficult but I am only one card away. If anyone has card 156 please email me asap. Also noteable is the insert sets, timeless moments, stadium scenes, franchise members 3/4 and so on, these are fun to collect, but they do have an ugly team logo where it is obvious the design is meant for a relic, that being said the relics are pretty good.

Price: B

At around 50 dollars including shipping you get around 120 cards, at least 10-20 insert/parallels one memorbilia card, one auto (I am pretty sure they are all rookie autos, though this is not advertised as one way or the other on the sell sheet), and one piece of hollywood memorbilia card.

(Retail) Price: C+

At 20 dollars at your local retail store you get 35 cards, and one memorbilia card on average plus a small handful of retail exclusive red parallels, which are the only parallels you will be finding in the retail version (artifacts) of this product, you may also get some low numbered inserts, I got a jermain dye timeless moments /75.

Hits/pulls piece of history (hobby): B

The card definately appear to be designed for jerseys which is good, this product is indeed responsibl for getting rid of some extra jerseys as I pulled all grey jerseys including my 3 color patch grey/white/navy. The piece of hollywood relics were clearly bought and made just for this set, so it is not like this product is just to dump out old grey jerseys. The hits I got were

5 rookie autos including an aaron cunningham and jesus delgado/ 99 both blue ink (purple background is not the best idea upper deck has ever come up with)

joey votto timeless moments /180 grey

Dan Uggla Franchise history /180 !!!!BLACK!!!! Sick black jersey which maks me think piece of histoy has some hope.

Jake Peavy timeless moments three color patch 01/25 Cool hit especially since it is an ebay 1/1

Piece of hollywood: Sean Penn and Rachael McAdams

My Boxes (hobby): B+

You gotta give a timeless moments jake peavy patch 01/25 some credit

Hits/pull (retail): B-

I got a john smoltx timeless moments /180 and a chris carpenter stadium scenes which is a cool card but it is not numbered, I think it is the most common version of that card.

Overall if you are going to get this product I would say definately get the hobby version, and then if you like it which some people might really like this set then there are some nice patches and patch autos and chase cards which you can go after, The arnold shnanorksneiger or however you spell it lol goes for around 30-50 dollars on the secondary market so that might pay for another box if you don’t want it.

Overall: B-

If you think you might like this product then I would grab a box, if not then there is really no point for you to get it.

piece of history


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  1. mike alan Says:

    Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts.

    Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

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