2009 Upper Deck First Edition Review

Hi guys, there is not much to review for upper deck first edition but I will try to cover the general dynamics and my recommendation. I opened 5 blaster boxes, and each blaster box you get 10 packs of 9 cards and 1 starquest card, plus a bonus which contains 4 starquest cards.

Base: B

The base is nice, good for autographs and the gold bar saying first edition on the side makes them look better then upper deck and topps flagship brands. they are fun to open, giving you one starquest card per pack and a 25 card starquest set, which I got 24 of them in my 5 box break and recieved the last one in a trade. the 5 boxes left me with 450 base cards which got me about 250 out of the 300 card set, all of these cards are for trade as I don’t really want to complete this set.

Price: A

At only 10 cents a card it is a good price

Design: B+

Nice simple design, but nothing extraordinary

Overall: B

I would recommend opening 2 or 3 boxes at the beginning of the season to get everyone’s names fresh in your head and you can get at least 15 of the starquest cards and then either trade for the rest or use them as trade bait. If upper deck were to produce licensed cards next year I would definitely grab a box or two again, at only 10 dollars a box it is fun to open and you get some nice stuff.

first edition

2 Responses to “2009 Upper Deck First Edition Review”

  1. wickedortega Says:

    Great blog enjoyed read some of the posts and about autograph lines its all about getting there early…. trust me i know….. if you have any question please feel free to ask!

    • toriihunter Says:

      Thanks, I included getting there early into the waiting times, they were only there for an hour and a half and an hour respectively

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