The Good Guy

Hi guys, Mario at Wax Heaven is starting an amazing project that will be really helpful to growth of the hobby and the online community. Mario is a collector who only collects Jose Conseco and Andrew Miller, so he is very generous and gives away all the cards he isn’t interested in away to readers. He has been doing this for awhile and I will be recieving some cards from this program shortly which I will share with the readers. But, he has recently dicontinued the old program in favor of “sample packs”. This is where he puts some base cards as well as some inserts and a relic or autograph, so the blogger he sends the pack to will get a good general idea of the product without acually buying a whole box. Hopefully I can get in on the action and I will show you guys the results here on the site. Thanks for reading.

3 Responses to “The Good Guy”

  1. Eric E Says:

    Okay, thanks for posting this. I actually did not understand what he was doing, but now I see. He is trying to help out fellow collectors along with saving them money. Okay, now I get it. Thank you, Torri :)

  2. Eric E Says:


  3. toriihunter Says:

    I didn’t get it at first either, acually I did, either way, glad I could help.

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