Mail Day

i just got this sweet torii hunter ud premier 5 jersey 18/25 from ebay. Everyone guess how much I got it for minus shipping to the nearest dollar. Only two guesses per person please. I will include a picture of it and the cards I got from spectrum.

hits from spectrum and torii hunter card from ebay

hits from spectrum and torii hunter card from ebay

13 Responses to “Mail Day”

  1. Eric E Says:

    Oh wow, that is a nice Hunter. Nice mail day, I have actually been taking a break from cards to go to magazines. I think I just went back to cards by seeing these ;)

    Is that last one a Brooks Robinson? Nice.

  2. toriihunter Says:

    Um the cards from spectrum are from the break I did (see earlier post) and the hunter is the card I got today.

  3. Brian Says:

    I’m going to say $9.50. Congrats on getting the blog up and running. Best of luck with it!

  4. sendmeyourjunk Says:

    $12.56 or $8.26

  5. toriihunter Says:

    I will let the contest run for a day or two and take all the right answers and use to pick a winner. Brian you can have another vote if you want, but what you said might be the right answer but I can’t tell you that. You can vote twice on the same number though, but keep in mind it will be rounded to the nearest dollar. thanks for the comments

  6. Brian Says:

    No problem…I’ll go with $10 for my second guess.

  7. Eric E Says:

    I say 14.00 bucks. I saw a Tulo rookie triple patch auto that got up to 14 bucks, so my guess is 14 bucks. My other guess is $24, something about me with the 4’s :D

  8. toriihunter Says:

    Ok brian is the winner, I bought the card for 9.98 which was a pretty good deal, I was trying to figure out what I could use as prizes and the only thing I found was a bunch of wrapper codes for Upper Deck U, their online game thing for kids, but since everyone was close anyone can claim these codes, but if brian wants them he has first priority.

  9. Eric E Says:

    I have a couple codes for people, I mean I’m only 13 years old but I still don’t play the game. Do you guys want them?

  10. Brian Says:

    I’ll pass on the codes so someone can have them. Thanks and good luck with the blog!

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